Thursday, December 10, 2015

See ya in the morning!

 In our family, before we go to bed we always say "Goodnight mom/dad, love ya, see ya in the morning!", I want to focus on that last part "See ya in the morning". Growing up I thought that was just something we say before bed. Then as I began to get older I started thinking about that phrase more, I thought "but what if I don't see them or they don't see me in the morning? Cause After all nobody knows when they will die." 
Which is very true, nobody knows the exact moment of their death, it's just how it is, get over it. 
But then I began to think about it from a theological stand point, that's when I became overwhelmed. Okay, so think of life as night, what comes after night? Morning! So morning will be what is after life! Now, it's in your hands if your "morning" is good or bad, you can choose if you go to heaven or hell. For those who have accepted Christ, we can look forward to the morning, cause when morning comes we will finally see our Dad, the One who calms all fears, the One who sent His son to die for us, The Great I Am! He will wipe away our tears! I'm just gonna throw this out there, morning is gonna be awesome for those who are in Christ!!! Also, do we want everyone to have a Heavenly Father? If you answered yes, then get out there and start fulfilling "The Great Commission"! I really hope you answered yes, cause if you said "No!" Then.... We need to talk! 

See y'all in the morning,

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