Saturday, April 4, 2015

He is risen

Resurrection Sunday, or Easter Sunday,
Is by far the greatest day for Christians,
Because that was the day Sin and Death lost its grip on me and hopefully you!

Good Friday was a sad day when Jesus was crucified, because the Disciples didn't believe he would actually rise from the dead.
All they knew was the man they had been following for the last several years was just brutally murdered.

We know that he did rise, so we can be happy!

But he didn't come back till after 3 days.

Tomorrow is the day we celebrate his resurrection!

When Jesus died, the Devil thought he won, but come Sunday he lost!

Because when Jesus rose He paid our Debt, our sin was forgiven, and we could enter into eternal life with Him!

Now days Resurrection Sunday is very commercialized.
When you think about it, it is the most distorted holiday. At Christmas time most people (even if they aren't Christians) know that it's about Christ's birth.
But with Resurrection Sunday, it's been so heavily commercialized that every on thinks its all about the bunny, the eggs, and getting all dressed up!
At secular (not Christian) stores you can't find anything that says "He is Risen"!
The owners of the said store may say, "
Anything like that is too inappropriate for our young shoppers!"
Are you kidding me? The "Easter Bunny" is more inappropriate! 

I am not saying that "Easter eggs", "Easter bunnies", and chocolate are bad things, but when you are doing your Easter egg hunt, remember what it's all about!

And if you haven't excepted Christ, please do so, He died a painful death for you!

For The King

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