Monday, December 22, 2014

What Christmas is about part 2

So we have talked about the prophesy of Christ. Now lets talk about why He came!!!

Well, Jesus came as a baby on Christmas Day, the reason He came was not to learn how humans live. It was to save everyone from the fires of Hell!!!!
He grew up teaching The Word, healing people and do some AWESOME stuff!!!!
But the religious teachers didn't like that
So they tried him, beat him, crucified him, hung him on a cross by nails driven through his hands, and died an extremely painful death.
Why would He do that?
Because He loved you!!!!!
Not because your such a wonderful person, because really your just like the rest of us you are a rotten sinner, but God sent His son to die for you to clean you and make you new!!!! All you have to do is ask and you will receive everlasting life with Him in Heaven someday!!!!!

In Service of The King,

P.S. have a merry Christmas,
Posts will be on break till January!!!!

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